Asthma, Breathwork and Calm

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Do you experience noisy (wheezy) breathing, a feeling of tightness in the chest, a feeling of air hunger, fast and shallow chest breathing, coughing? These are typical symptoms of asthma. Asthma can impact your life in many ways, physically and emotionally.

The work of Dr K Buyteko, a Ukranian-born physiologist, resulted in a shift in approach to dealing with asthma symptoms. According to Buyteko, asthma symptoms are the body’s efforts to preserve carbon dioxide in the body. They are a message to reduce overbreathing. Reducing overbreathing reduces the symptoms.

There are 5.4 million people across the UK alone, receiving treatment for asthma.

Overbreathing or hyperventilation breathing patterns also can, and do, agitate the mind leading to feelings of anxiety, restlessness and tension. These in turn impact on the person already experiencing symptoms of asthma. It becomes a cycle.

Change the cycle

The first and most important step to change the cycle is to become aware of, and just observe, your breathing patterns. Your breathing ought to be:

  • through your nose
  • quiet and relaxed
  • slow and calm
  • low ‘in the belly’ using the diaphragm

If you’re not breathing this way, you are breathing through your mouth, in the upper chest, fast and shallow. We now know, and research is confirming, mouth breathing creates stress in the body and contributes to faster breathing. Fast and shallow breathing in the upper chest stimulates the stress response. It becomes the cycle.

Buyteko Breathing Method

If you are looking for an alternative approach to managing your symptoms, the Buyteko breathing method will correct your breathing and at the same time calm your body and mind. Both will contribute to reducing your asthma symptoms.

We each have our own unique breathing patterns and any breathwork programme needs to respect your own bioindividuality. A commitment to improving your own breathing can be life changing. And you will see the changes in a short space of time.

Ready to take action?

Are you ready to invest in your wellbeing?

If you need help in assessing your own breathing patterns, creating new habits or learning new tools and exercises to ensure a holistic approach, you can check out my Easy Breather sessions and One-on-one breathwork mentoring sessions.

I assess your breathing, create a bioindividual programme of exercises, and help you keep on track to integrate them seamlessly into your lifestyle. The results are phenomenal.

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No matter what treatment, and what medication, you take for asthma, as long as you overbreathe, you will continue to have asthma

If you are unsure what route to take, book a 30 minute free intro session with me here.

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