Grounding with breathwork

Increasing energy flow for healing in the body

We are energy beings. Energy constantly flows through the body and around the body in our biofield. High frequency energy comes in and flows down through the body, and is grounded in the earth. There it is stepped down for human consumption and then rises again through the body, through the chakras and out the top of the body.  Conscious breathwork is the path to grounding ourselves.

Energy flowing through the body is sometimes referred to as qi or prana.

The 7 chakras, or energy centres, in the body are our centres of consciousness. They are the architecture of our soul.

Rising energy is interpreted by the chakras, according to our unique level of consciousness. When the chakras are awake and balanced, we are able to fully utilise the energy in our body. As a consequence, healing happens, and, we are able to live in our true nature. We feel more comfortable in the world and are able to express our creativity with ease and flow.

Energy wobbles

Often, however, the energy path through the body channel is blocked, interrupted and distorted. This is because there are pockets of dense energy from unresolved trauma, rejection, resistance to what is happening in our life or a lack of ability to process what is happening in our life. As a result, energy wobbles as it flows around the blockages instead of flowing freely.

A lack of flow or disturbance through any of the chakras distorts our energy field and will eventually show up in our physical body as aches, pains, fatigue, exhaustion. A lack of free flow through any chakra will become a dysfunction in the aspect that the chakra rules. Each chakra is also associated with an endocrine gland so the unbalanced flow through each chakra also affects our body chemistry.

The greater the disturbance, or wobble, the more painful and troubled your life experience will be. But the more integrated and in flow your energy is, the more in charge, at ease and healthy you will be.

Regular conscious breathing into and through the body clears the blockages and enables free flow through the chakras. As we consciously breathe slowly up and down the channel, we bring the mind and the breath into the body, merging mind, body and breath in this dimension. When the chakras are balanced, our physical body heals naturally and we begin to trust what is happening in our lives, worry less and let go of a need to figure things out.

Central channel breathing

Firstly, imagine there is a central channel running through your body from the top of your head all the way down your body and into the earth beneath you.

Now breathe in from above the head, through the central channel in the middle of the head, middle of the throat, middle of the chest, middle of the belly and down into the earth.

The next inhale is up from the earth, into the channel, into the belly, and out through the top of your head.

When you inhale, make the belly big, extending the diaphragm down. When you exhale, the diaphragm relaxes and the belly becomes small. You are breathing deep into the core of the belly and not in the upper chest.

This is a Central Channel Breath.

In addition to grounding, it helps to calm the nervous system and relax the body. When we feel calmer and more grounded, the mind slows down. We connect to our body, let go of our stories and become more centered and focused.

Breathing is the key to grounding. Every exhalation brings you down to quiet and rootedness. Breathing practice should be simple, still and quiet. It shows you how to be in the moment –  Mary Stewart

I invite you to regularly practice central channel breathing to anchor in the body, ground and unattach from the mind. You will begin to notice inner calmness and increased energy flow in the body.

If you would like help in learning and implementing this breathing exercise, I offer personalised sessions. If you have any questions please email me at

You can also book a 30 minute free intro session.

Further reading

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