Easy Breather

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What is it?
Personalised individual sessions

What’s involved:
Breathing tools, techniques and exercises based on the scientifically researched Buteyko Method.

Online via Zoom

One Session (1 hour): £75
Course of 5 Sessions (1 hour each): £320

Poor breathing habits will, in time, become dysfunctional – how you breathe affects how you feel. You will learn what kind of breather you are: this reflects who you are and how you feel. You’ll learn to fix bad habits using simple tools and techniques to establish new and healthy breathing patterns; empowering you to take control of your breathing to reverse symptoms and supercharge your health.

These sessions are ideal if you have symptoms of asthma, anxiety, stress, snoring, poor sleep, brain fog, lack of concentration, irritability or long Covid.

If you’re ready to get started, or still not sure which path to take, please get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation.

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1 review for Easy Breather

  1. admin

    Patricia’s non-judgemental approach quickly put me at ease and helped me feel confident about overcoming the issues I was experiencing post-Covid. It was helpful having the initial consultation to establish what my difficulties were and talk about solutions. With Pat’s help, I have been able to stick to the exercises she went through with me during the one-to-one session and feel I am making good progress. Thank you. M.B.

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