Vitality with conscious breathwork

Enlivening  your chakras

You are more than just a physical body. You also have a subtle energy body that extends beyond your physical body. Within the subtle energy body are 7 main energy centres. They are known as chakras.

Knowledge of the chakras has existed in the East for thousands of years but only filtered through to the West relatively recently in the last century. The Sanskrit meaning of chakra is ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’.  The chakra system is an integral part of the bigger energy system. and at the centre of the subtle energy body.

There is constant motion and communication between your physical and energetic bodies. Each chakra is associated with particular organs and systems in the physical body, and is associated with a particular colour. The solar plexus, for instance, is associated with yellow and the heart chakra with green.

Dis-ease and trauma

Where dis-ease is present in the energy body after, say a prolonged period of stress, it will eventually show up in the physical body as exhaustion, chronic fatigue, headaches, gut issues and many other symptoms. The more you understand the relationship between your physical and energetic systems the better you’re able to listen, interpret, and act on, messaging about your health, life force and vitality. If you don’t pay attention to the dis-ease in the body, it may progress to manifest as a more serious condition.

Trauma is stored in the energy body and will manifest symptoms in the body such as pain etc. Clearing out the stored and pocketed unresolved emotions in our energy system can clear and heal the pain in the physical body. Life is truly a reflection of the way energy is flowing, or not, through you.


The breath has a vital purpose in keeping the body alive. It is our vital life so it should be no surprise that breathwork is the key to enlivening and awakening areas of the energy system that have been blocked or not in flow.

Conscious breathwork  creates changes in the chakras, awakening each individual chakra in turn and in doing so creates changes in the subtle energy system. Enliven your chakras and your whole system, including  your physical health begins to change. You feel more vibrant, energised and ‘in flow’.

The breath enables you to truly activate the life force in each chakra. It functions as an integrator by bringing together, weaving together, thoughts, feelings and chemistries in your body. When you are able to enliven each chakra with your own life force and your physical body begins to heal.

The Energy Codes

The Energy Codes is a 7 step system to heal your body and integral breathwork practices focus on each chakra in turn, from the base of the spine to the crown of your head. Master each of the 7 breathing practices and they can be done on a daily basis, on their own or combined with meditation and yoga practices to enhance the results.

…true wholeness, healing and integration come from within, because they begin in our energy field

Interested in learning a simple yet profound method for taking radical responsibility for your own wellbeing? I would love to help you one-to-one. or in small group workshops  with your friends and colleagues. Please contact me at

A gratis 30 minute call with me can be booked here.

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